About Us

About TuzlaCity.com

Who are We

A group of individuals Who cares about Domestic Comunity and people who visit the City. We provide on ground information to help Local Comunity sell and visitors to utilize all services provided on ground.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone. Providing enough useful information to all visitors to have enjoyable and pleasant time in our City, connect them with all services that They may need to utilize and to stay safe and secure. Due to Lack of on ground Information and especially on English Language, We hope and trying to provide best possible information benefiting everybody, domestic population and Tourists.

How We Operate

We are non-profit website, We do not sell, arrange, or anyhow contribute in any of services described on this website. We just provide fer information to help people with their needs. We maintain our website with money made with Google ads and Donations from visitors of this website.

If You have any questions, concerns or suggestions please contact us via Contact Us page