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Bus Transportation in Tuzla

Bus Transportation services in Tuzla City

Catch at any bus station in city



City Bus Transportation is very well organised. You can catch the Bus on any Bus station in City and all of them are driving either from West or North Thru City, and they stop on every Bus station.
Bus stops are visible and easy to spot on street. You probably won’t be able to figure out provided Bus schedule but if You speak Bosnian then it will be easy for You. You can see full Bus schedule if You click Bellow

Catch only at intercity station



Tuzla is well connected with other Cities around Country. You can get to Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Doboj , Mostar, Zagreb etc. Only thing you need to do is to get to Main Bus City Station in Tuzla and book a ticket.Clicking on link bellow will take You to the main bus station web site where You can see additional bus schedule and look for Your ticket. Click bellow for more information.

Catch at Airport or City

Airport Bus

As far as Bus Transfer in Tuzla Airport, there are Two ways for You to get on the Bus from Airport to City. First is Transfer Booking which You can reserve and Book online and it will take You straight to City together with rest of passengers who Booked their Transfer online from Airport.This Bus does not run all the time and it runs only in specific periods of day. It is also possible to Book a Transfer from Airport or Tuzla to Sarajevo or Banja Luka.If You are unable to Book your transfer online for some reason and would like to catch local Bus to City then You have to get out of Airport Building and go straight to Airport exit street for about 800m till you get to the intersection. Look for Bus Number 11!!!
Book Bus Transfer on link Bellow

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