Carsijska Cesma – City Fountain Tuzla Cesma – City Fountain Tuzla

City Fountain Tuzla

Carsija Fountain in Tuzla was built in 1888, and is one of the symbols of Tuzla City, and Building which together with Salt Wells and Tuzla’s Goat can commonly be seen on Tuzla Postcards. Back in 1888, The City Council has hired Franz Mihanovic, famous architect Expert to design and create Carsija Fountain in shape and form of Behram Mosque, nowadays known as Colorful Mosque, which is located right next to Carsija Fountain.

White stone for construction of Fountain was purchased from quarry Hresa, near Sarajevo and a green stone from quarry near Nova Kasaba. Stone Blocks were formed and built in by Italian Stonemasons.

City Fountain together with Freedom Square has become a center of gathering citizens and were proudly shown all guests of the Tuzla City, as a very nice old facility in Tuzla City old town. Back in time , this facility performed an act of opening a water supply for the city and become one of protagonists of one of most important dates for the City – Bringing and release of water, the main source of life.