Freedom Square in Tuzla City – Trg Slobode Square in Tuzla City – Trg Slobode

Freedom Square in Tuzla City – Trg Slobode

Its rich tourist offer, City of Tuzla is complemented with the opening of the redesigned Liberty Square. It is the tenth market in the Municipality of Tuzla and the largest one in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the square, it was discovered an archeological site with the very significant archaeological material. The Square itself is arranged for socializing and a variety of events, and has a central fountain and support facilities.

Central place on the Square is reserved for  a large fountain whose outer walls are adorned with ornaments “stećak” , but that is not the only thing at the Freedom Square that represent symbols of medieval Bosnia.

In area where  retained the multifunctional green spaces, and where till recently was an old fountain, sculpture that symbolizes the tombstone was set in place, and also on marble slabs, that locations is cowered with, are carved and epitaphs from medieval tombstones. Epitaphs and ornamentation of the “stećci” complementing already existing symbols on the Square from all periods in history such as the mosque and fountain from the Ottoman period, Baroque Building that symbolizes Austro-Hungarian period and several buildings from modern times or recent past.