Pannonian Lakes in Tuzla City Bosnia

Pannonian Lakes in Tuzla City

Pannonian Lake in the central point of Tuzla city are a one of a kind complex in whole Europe. The main salt lakes in the Old Town are found just a couple of minutes walking from the downtown area and can suit around 17,000 individuals!

This City’s great story began in 2003 with the development of the main lake, which is the biggest one today. After five years another salt lake was framed, and directly after that salty cascades also, which speak to a one of a kind inward breath focus in the open region.

panonika tuzla city

Third Pannonian Lake was open on first of September 2012, which adjusted the limit of the complex to the present number of 17,000 guests.

– We will open another, south door this season, which has associated Pannonian lakes with an enormous park. Consequently, two doorways that were in task in earlier years will be less packed, and the complex is legitimately associated with the city’s promenade by person on foot connect – said Maid Porobić, Director of Public Utility Company “Pannonica” which is overseeing complex salt lakes in Tuzla.

He includes that this year (2012), with good climate conditions, Pannonian lakes will offer much greater amusement…

We trust that the meteorologists’ declarations of long, sweltering summers to be exact, on the grounds that a vocation in the travel industry and providing food industry, paying little respect to every one of the arrangements and the climate, to a great extent rely upon the climate conditions – said Porobić.

A year ago, with 40 days without downpour was not one of the great ones for “Pannonica” instead of 2015 when we recorded records.

panonika tuzla city

During the season 2015, we sold 374,000 every day tickets, and when we include the quantity of guests with season tickets, we have various 450,000 guests. For us it was an extraordinary year and we endeavor towards that in the season that lies ahead – said Pannonian official.

Since the development of the complex of Pannonian lakes more than three and a half million visitors have come to visit, and the explanations behind this are many. Notwithstanding everything referenced here, there are different attractions, for example, Archeological Park – Neolithic lake settlement, a reproduction of settlements from the Neolithic time frame, two water slides, a cutting edge wellness focus open air, play area, sports courts … Season at the Pannonian lakes starts on first of June every Year.

Costs of every day ticket are higher than in past season, yet the expansion was because of the colossally mind-boggling expenses. Day by day tickets for grown-ups in June, and from sixteenth to 31st August will cost 5 BAM.

Particular costs for resigned people, crippled veterans and handicapped regular people will cost 4 BAM in the pinnacle of the period. Kids younger than two to seven will pay a 3 BAM, contingent upon the piece of the period.

Evening ticket (from 17 hours) will cost a 3 BAM.

panonika tuzla city

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